Draughn Family Foundation

A 501(c)(3) Charity

Draughn Family Foundation Mission

We provide middle and high school students the building blocks and opportunity to define and grow their strengths, self-esteem and values, in the areas of social, academic, physical and moral arenas. Helping them understand their unique strengths and weaknesses whereby creating a climate in which all students would have the opportunity to thrive.

Engaging the students to think critically about moral and ethical issues that integrate character development in every aspect of their life. Our goal is to foster qualities that will help students be successful as citizens, in the workplace and in school. This is the common denominator for success.

Draughn Family Foundation History

Shaun and Shonda Draughn started the Draughn Family Foundation because they both saw a need to provide resources, exposure and opportunities for kids who will be faced with real life situations after high school but may not be provided the tools & support to face those challenges on an equivalent level as some of their peers. They wanted to fill the gap and provide proper preparation in the social, academic, physical and personal arenas.

Shaun thinks back to the first time he walked in a bank with a check. He gave it to the teller expecting her handle it on her own. Little did he know,he needed to first fill out a deposit slip, which he had never done or knew existed.

This is just one example of a simple life skill that tends to fall through the cracks of our core learning experience as teens preparing for the real world.

Shaun and Shonda believe having the informative knowledge, skill base and self awareness allows students to exude confidence to handle their life and personal business effectively.

The Draughn Family Foundations’ name came because Shaun wanted to pay homage to his late grandfather Raymond Lee Draughn Sr. His family has always been supportive and played a major role in his life and development as a man. Without the proper guidance and support from his family, life for Shaun would look a lot different. Shaun’s grandfather Raymond Lee Draughn Sr. whom he only knew for a short period of his life, had a lasting impact.

He passed on December 4th 1994 and was a God fearing family man who displayed love, support and hard work. Those attributes were evident and contagious to those closest to him. Shaun believes those qualities were instilled and passed down to him as well.

Shaun and Shonda seek to create a family like support system through The Draughn Family Foundation.

God Bless,
Proverbs 3 :5-7

Who are the Draughns?

Shaun Draughn

Cofounder; NFL Running Back

Shaun Draughn was born in Tarboro, NC where he stayed until attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is the son of Pastor Kenneth R. Draughn and co paster Shirley Draughn. He is the youngest of 3, with two older sisters, Kennethra and Rashena. Shaun is entering is 7th NFL season, this year with the NY Giants. His passion for helping the youth started in college, when he realized how little he knew about the “real world” before he stepped into it. His goal is to prepare as many young kids to be ready for the many curve balls life will throw them.

Shonda Draughn


Shonda Draughn, Realtor by day, wife and mother by night, was born to Marion and George Peoples in Aschafffenburg, Germany, grew up in Lawton, OK, and attended high school in Raleigh, NC. She is also the youngest of 3 with two older sisters, Marcia and Melanie. As an “Army brat,” she knows what its like to have to make adjustments to her surroundings. Helping young ladies reach their full potential, despite any obstacles, has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember. She hopes to be a positive influence in the lives of as many young women as possible.

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